Our newly renovated onsite swimming pool is a real asset here at Dulwich Prep. After an initial assessment of swimming abilities, we organise fun relays and activities with the aim of developing key swimming skill sets, agility and confidence in the water. We have an impressive collection of flotation aides, Flippers, Toys, Rafts, Sinkers and Dinghies for children to use during our structured activities and during free-play time. With high levels of staffing both in the water and on pool side, all children, regardless of ability have the opportunity to develop their swimming, play with their friends and just have  fun!

Swim Safe Policy in brief

  1.  Two Independent lifeguards supervise the pool throughout the day. Each Scamps swimming session is lead by our ASA qualified swimming coaches.
  2. On a child’s first day we assess their swimming capabilities. We then decide which swimming programme is most suitable for that child and to which depth they should be limited.
  3. We explain to children that the swimming pool can be an extremely fun place but must be treated with great respect. Every child who attends AVP Sports or Scamps is briefed on our pool rules. We teach children how to approach the pool area with safety in mind at all times.
  4. Staff levels are increased for all pool activities. Our ‘Staff : Child’ ratios for each age group are as follows;

Swimming pool staff ratios;

  • Sports Active Ages 7 – 11      1:7
  • Big SCAMPS Ages 5-6          1:5
  • Mini SCAMPS Ages 4-5        1:3 **

The above ratios do not include the presence of lifeguards. Additional lifeguards assist with swimming games and activities from inside the water.

** When required, 1:1 support in the water will be provided.

We provide all necessary flotation aides. Noodles, Floats, Rafts, Flippers and Arm Bands (which are used for very young children to help with confidence when required).