Sports Active 1

Sports Activities for children aged 7- 8 (years 2 & 3)

- Dodgeball, Poisonball, Short-Tennis, Field Athletics, Badminton, Football, Softball, Uni-hockey, Handball, Table Tennis, Flag-Tag, Kwik-Cricket, Basketball, Track Athletics.

- Swimming is offered Daily.

- The Inflatable assault course is open each afternoon.

- Climbing is available on Tuesday and Thursday each week.
Note: A parent or guardian must sign a climbing consent form on arrival. Alternatively you can download the consent form here, and bring it along with you on the day – Climbing Consent Form

- ArtZone or Cooking Club is available each afternoon (numbers are restricted).

Sports Active 1 – Day Structure

Registration: (for registration times please click here)
At Registration time two members of the AVP staff will check we have correct and up-to-date contact details. At this time you can provide any important notices or instructions that we need to be aware of including any specific arrangements for collection.

Session One:
Sports Activity (Please follow link for more information)

The children will have a short break together before starting the next session. AVP will provide a biscuit and a drink, however another small snack from home is recommended.

Session Two:
Swimming (Please follow link for more information)

Lunch: (12:15pm)
Please ensure children bring a packed lunch each day. The children sit down to eat lunch together, please notify us when booking of any allergies or dietary requirements your child may have. After lunch we have a short free-time session outside where the children can play or relax.

Session Four: Inflatable Obstacle Course (Please follow link for more information).

Session Five: Sports Activity or Arts and Crafts.

Collection: (4.00pm)
Thank you for your patience during collection times. We ask that parents wait in the hallway for your child to be brought to you. We will only release a child to the known parent or child carer who arrived with the child during morning registration unless prior notification has been given to the AVP Staff or AVP course director.