Sports Active

Sports Active is our popular daily 4-Activity programme incorporating 2 choices of your favourite Sports, Swimming and time to explore our Inflatable Assault Course. Prepare to be exhausted!  The choice of sports and activities varies daily; however, both inflatable assault course activities and swimming are made available to children every day.

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Sports Active 1 - Junior group for children aged 7-8 (years 3 and 4)

Sports Active 2 - Senior group for children aged 9-11 (years 5 and 6)

We understand that some children aged 9 will be ready to move up to the senior Sports Active 2 group. Others may wish to remain in the Junior group with younger friends and peers. Children aged 9 have the option of either group.

ArtZone and Cooking Club  For children aged 7-8, our afternoon Art Club is a welcome break after a full morning of Sports and Swimming. After lunch, children who opt for the ArtZone are introduced to the ‘creation of the day’. Each day we offer a new challenge for you to complete and take home. Our Art Specialist will guide you through some wonderful projects. On Wednesdays we often cook a savoury dish of the day, and Fridays is usually know as Chocolate Day. Again, the ArtZone is optional so if a child chooses to continue with sport in the afternoon, that’s fine too.

Climbing Onsite We have an indoor climbing wall here at Dulwich Prep. Climbing is available every Tuesday and Thursday.  We occasionally organise trips to London based specialist climbing centres for older, more experienced climbers.

Inflatable Obstacle Course

This is probably our most popular activity across all ages. We are very proud of our collection of custom-made inflatable assault courses. Over the years we have devised a repertoire of fun, exciting games and challenges which feature the inflatable equipment – ‘these are no ordinary bouncy castles’!

Last summer our latest inflatable; ‘The Pirate Ship’ was added to our collection!

Pirate Ship

The exhuberant ‘Inflatable Day’ returns each Wednesday afternoon. This activity includes our Sumo Suits, Gladiator Duel and Bungee Run!!