Safety & First Aid

Safety is of paramount importance to us. Our staff receive training in  First Aid and Safe Guarding in accordance with the Children’s Act. Staff are thoroughly vetted prior to joining the AVP Sports Team.

Please inform us of any medical condition that your child may have.  This includes any allergies, dietary requirements or any recent  complaints such as a mild headache or toothache as these symptoms could  develop through the day. Should you wish to discuss or inform us of any  confidential matters please ask to speak to the Director. We will take the time to care for any need, in confidence.

Many of the staff who support our qualified teachers and instructors  are trainee teachers or undergraduates currently studying specialist sports courses. We have a  fantastic team of people who choose to work with us season after season.  They have each proven themselves to be committed to providing fun, safe  care for young people, with a special interest for sports and arts.  Having access to superb facilities here at Dulwich Prep is a bonus -however,  the real asset at AVP Sports and Scamps is our dedicated team.