Sports Activity

Our approach to sports and activities for Scamps’ is to develop ball skills, racquet skills, spatial awareness and movement through fun and games. The Scamps’ team has years of experience teaching early years sport to our very young children in Mini-Scamps. The team has also devised a wide range of more challenging games and activities for older children aged 5-6 in Big Scamps. In a given week, children can enjoy some of the following Sports and Activities this Season in 2014.

Mini Scamps

  • Group Games
  • Mini Basketball
  • Parachute Games
  • Kwik Cricket
  • Early Start Uni-Hockey
  • Racket skills
  • Football

Big Scamps

  • Dodgeball
  • Mini Basketball
  • Kwik Cricket
  • Early Start Uni Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Football Skills
  • ‘The Orbit’- A circuit of unique quirky timed challenges
  • Catch and Throw (fielding skills)