Scamps Swimming

Swimming will be available this summer.

For our ASA Scamps swimming sessions we take full advantage of the on-site swimming pool at Dulwich Prep. We assume that every child at Scamps (and throughout AVP’s age groups) is a ‘non swimmer’ until their swimming ability has been assessed by our ASA swimming coach. We provide all necessary floatation aides.

1. Two Independent lifeguards supervise the pool. Each Scamps swimming session is lead by our ASA qualified swimming coaches.

2. We carefully explain to children that the swimming pool can be an extremely fun place but must be treated with great respect. Every child who attends AVP Sports or SCAMPS is briefed on our pool rules. We teach children how to approach the pool area with safety and awareness in mind.

3. Staff levels are increased for all pool activities. Our ‘Staff : Child’ ratios for each age group are as follows: Big -Scamps aged 5 & 6        1:4 Mini Scamps aged 4 & 5        1:3

Where necessary a 1:1 ratio can be provided for those children who require a little extra encouragement or support in the water.