After the huge success of the gymnastics programme last summer, we simply must include gymnastics as part of our weekly programme. We are delighted to welcome back Nicky and her team of superb gym coaches this season. The gymnastics team will be running sessions every week, Monday to Thursday, this summer for children aged 4-6.

‘Scampnastics’ is our own specially designed programme of gymnastics, music and dance for children aged 4-5 (Mini Scamps). We have also developed an Optional Scampnastics programme for children aged 5-6 (Big Scamps).

Over the years, we have found music and dance to be one of the most engaging forms of activity for our youngest visitors. Music is an amazing stimulus which, when combined with gym activities and choreography can spark wonderful imagination, enthusiasm and energy. Scampsnastics is best described as dance and gymnastics circuit training for very young children.

SCAMPS Gymnastics Stretching