AVP Sports has proved to be a very popular choice among parents of young children since its launch in the summer of 2001. We offer a programme of Sports and Arts based that is designed and lead by local reception and primary school teachers. Having such expertise at hand enables us to provide fully for the needs of children aged 4-5 in MINI SCAMPS. For older children aged 5-6, BIG SCAMPS is the perfect first step towards the older AVP Sports course with more challenging games and activities for big little people. The range of sports and games at Scamps is ever-increasing, but we also ensure that children can rest those tired legs!

We take advantage of the excellent facilities available to us at Dulwich Prep London. With access to the sports halls, arts n crafts rooms and comfortable rest and indoor play areas, children have plenty of space to learn and play regardless of weather conditions. Furthermore, the swimming pool is of suitable depth for our very youngest non-swimmers.

If this is to be your child’s first visit, do let us know when making your booking.

the following pages provide more information about our Scamps programme this season

A Typical Day

Course Times

What to Bring

Safety & First Aid